Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is the best shot size for ducks and geese?

3-inch #4 for Ducks,  3-inch #2 for Geese, and 3-inch BB for Sandhill Cranes – Three-inch shells are most common, although 3½-inch shells hold the most shot, but also generate more recoil for the hunter. Both of the larger loads deliver the best patterns when fired from a 12-gauge or 10-gauge. We find 3½-inch do not perform well for geese or cranes.

What choke should use?

Modified would be the most versatile choke.

How many boxes of shells will I need for my 3-day hunt?

All depends on your ability, but we suggest one box per hunt. 5 boxes for our 3-day hunt and 7 boxes for our 4-day hunt.

How many pounds of shotgun shells can I bring on the airline?

11 lbs gross weight

Can I bring 2 guns into Canada?

Yes, they both have to be declared under one name and can not be used by another person unless you hold a current Canadian Possession and Acquisition Licence PAL

How much ammo can you carry across the border?

200 rounds

Can I buy ammunition at the lodge?

Yes, Birdtail Waterfowl has a Federal Ammunition License which allows for the legal sale of ammunition.

Do gun cases have to be locked when traveling with an airline?

Yes, all possible locking opportunities on your gun case must have a TSA lock.

Does my shotgun have to be cased while traveling to and from hunting locations?

Yes, a soft case or a gun sock is sufficient. Gun socks are sold at the lodge.

Can I bring my harvested birds home?


Do the birds I bring home have to have one wing attached for Identification?


Can I bring another person’s birds home with me?

No, not worth the risk of interpretation of the Migratory Game Bird Act by acting officers at customs

Can I cross the border into Canada if I have recently been convicted with a DWI/DUI?

No, It is a Federal offence in Canada.

Is there indoor plumbing in the cabins?


Is there AC power for a CPAP machine by the beds in the cabins?

Yes, 12” from the bed side.

Is there a fridge available in the cabins?

Yes, there is a small bar fridge in the rear of the cabins.

Does Birdtail Waterfowl provide waders?


Is the water safe to drink at the lodge and in the cabins?

Yes, we are Provincially inspected by the Drinking Water Inspectors and comply with all Provincial regulations.

Is there WIFI available in the lodge and cabins


Is there First Aid supplies available in the field and the lodge?


Is your staff trained to preform basic first aid and CPR?


Is there good cellular reception at the lodge?

No, but there is a land line and a cellular booster in the Change House.

Is there a fridge available in the cabins?

Yes, there is a small bar fridge in the rear of the cabins.

Is there a AED (Automatic Defibrillator) available on the lodge property?


Is there a hospital near the lodge?

Yes, 40 minute drive to a major hospital and 15 minutes non critical hospital.

Can I use my credit card at the lodge?

No, cheque or cash.

Is there an opportunity to hunt upland grouse?

Yes, Ruff Grouse.

Can I bring my working dog, and can it stay in my cabin?

Yes, a well-trained working dog is always welcome and can stay with you in your cabin if he or she is kenneled.

Does every hunt have a working dog retrieving downed birds?

No, only when the right opportunity allows, hunts can be spoiled by the presents of a dog especially in pea fields and low laying crops.

Can I bring my working dog on a Sandhill Crane Hunt?

No, too dangerous.

Do the cabins have towels and linens?


What should I wear when field hunting?

Muck Boots or field boots and dress in layers, light camouflage is the best in our hunting environment.

What guns are available for rent?

Beretta A400 12 gauge right and left handed, Beretta A400 20 gauge right handed and all our rental guns come with Pattermaster Anaconda mid range chokes that can be used with high velocity ammunition.

What is the weather like?

Early September to early October can bring highs between 70 and 80 degrees with lows in 50 degree range. October can bring lows between 30 and 60 degrees.

Where is the lodge located?

This a question we get asked by many, like all hunter do we scout and some just scout for out location. To keep the integrity of our area we do not give out or location prior to booking a hunt. Once a booking is confirmed we will rely all information. We are in the best waterfowl hunting region Canada has to offer!

Is there a special hunt cost for youth?

Yes, please check the Dates and Rates portion of the website.

Is there a Tourism Rebate Program for sale tax in Manitoba?

No. For years we have had a rebate program, in 2018 the program ended.

Do the cabins have towels and linens?


When will I receive my direction to the lodge?

After your booking is confirmed with a deposit Paul will send you a email with our location. The email will have multiple Google Map links to the lodge from multiple border crossing directions. If you are from Canada you Google map link will be from Winnipeg or Regina. He will also include the lodge coordinates to enter into your GPS.

Is there a special rate for non-hunters?

Yes, please check the Dates and Rates portion of the website.

Does the lodge have logo clothing for sale?

Yes, we have short sleeve and long sleeve t shirts, hoodies and other take home items for sale.

Can I purchase my hunting licenses online?

Yes, if you’re a Canadian Resident. The Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit must be purchased before you leave home and can be purchased online The website for purchasing the Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit is with a cost of $17 Canadian dollars and payable by credit card. There will be a question asking where is the nearest town, answer: email for the answer. You must print a copy of your purchased license and carry it with you when hunting. The other license you need to purchase is the Non-Canadian Resident Provincial Game Bird license, this is the Manitoba hunting license which is available online through Manitoba E Licensing.

Please do not forget to fill out the Trip Information Form.

Foreign Residents:

As of the 2023 season, Paul will be purchasing the Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit and the Provincial Game Bird License for you. With the new regulations for Manitoba (2023), only licensed Manitoba waterfowl outfitters can sell the Manitoba Foreign Resident Provincial Game Bird Outfitted License.

The Foreign Resident (American) Provincial Game Bird license and the Federal Migratory Game Bird Permit will be ready at the lodge once you arrive. Please remember to fill out the Trip Information Form before you arrive so Paul can enter your information and purchase licenses for you.

The cost for the licenses will be added to your bill when purchased at the lodge.

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