Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the lodge located?

We’re often asked this question, but to maintain the integrity of our area, we don’t share our location with you prior to booking your hunt. Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll be given the location via email, including a Google Maps link and GPS coordinates.

When will I receive my direction to the lodge?

After your booking is confirmed with a deposit Paul will send you a email with our location. The email will have multiple Google Map links to the lodge from multiple border crossing directions. If you are from Canada you Google map link will be from Winnipeg or Regina. He will also include the lodge coordinates to enter into your GPS.

What is the best shot size for ducks and geese?

We recommend 3-inch #4 for ducks,  3-inch #2 for geese, and 3-inch BB for Sandhill cranes. Three-inch shells are the most common, while 3½-inch shells hold the most shot (but also generate more recoil for the hunter). Both of the larger loads deliver the best patterns when fired from a 12-gauge or 10-gauge. We find 3½-inch shells do not perform well for geese or cranes.

What choke should use?

Modified would be the most versatile choke.

How many boxes of shells will I need for my 3-day hunt?

This depends on your ability, but we suggest one box per hunt as a minimum. Consider bringing five boxes for our 3-day hunt and seven boxes for our 4-day hunt.

How many pounds of shotgun shells can I bring on the airline?

Per the US Federal Aviation Administration, you may be able to pack a reasonable amount for “personal use” during a trip. However, limits of 5kg (11lbs) gross weight per passenger may apply. We recommend that you double check with your airline.

How much ammunition can you carry across the border?

Specific information is available from the Government of Canada. You can also purchase ammunition locally once you arrive in Winnipeg.

Can I bring 2 guns into Canada?

Yes, but both must be declared under one name and cannot be used by another person, unless you hold a current Canadian Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).

Can I buy ammunition at the lodge?

Yes, Birdtail Waterfowl is licensed for the legal sale of ammunition.

What guns are available for rent?

Please see our Shotgun Rental Program for more information.

Can I bring my harvested birds home?

Yes, and we encourage hunters to take their legal limit with them. We provide licensed bird processing at Birdtail Waterfowl.

Do gun cases have to be locked when travelling with an airline?

Yes, you will be required to use a gun case with a TSA-approved lock. Please refer to your airline’s specifications for further information.

Do the birds I bring home have to have one wing attached for Identification?


Does my shotgun have to be cased while travelling to and from hunting locations?

Yes, but a soft case or a gun sock is sufficient. Gun socks are available for purchase at the lodge.

Can I bring another person’s birds home with me?

No, unfortunately this isn’t allowable.

Can I cross the border into Canada if I have recently been convicted with a DWI/DUI?

Unfortunately, in most cases, this type of criminal charge limits your ability to enter Canada. However, there may be exceptions. Please see the Government of Canada’s website for more information.

Does Birdtail Waterfowl provide waders?

Yes, we offer complimentary waders and wading boots so you don’t need to worry about the hassle or extra baggage expense to bring your own. 

Are first aid supplies available in the field and at the lodge?

Yes, first aid supplies are readily available. 

Is there an AED (Automatic Defibrillator) available on the lodge property and in trailers?


Is your staff trained to perform basic first aid and CPR?

Yes, our staff is fully trained to deal with emergencies. We also have an AED automatic defibrillator on site.

Is there a hospital near the lodge?

Yes, there are two hospitals nearby. We are fifteen minutes from a smaller non-critical hospital and forty minutes from a major hospital.

Is there good cellular reception at the lodge?

Unfortunately, cell reception isn’t excellent but we do have a landline available as well as a cellular booster in the Change House.

Can I use my credit card at the lodge?

We only accept cash or cheque at the lodge.

Does every hunt have a working dog to retrieve downed birds?

No, dogs only join when the opportunity allows. We find that hunts can be spoiled by the presence of a dog, especially in pea fields and low-lying crops.

Is there an opportunity to hunt upland grouse?

Yes, you can hunt Ruffed grouse at Birdtail Waterfowl.

Can I bring my working dog on a Sandhill crane hunt?

No, this is considered to be too dangerous.

What should I wear when field hunting?

Muck boots or field boots are recommended. We encourage you to dress in layers, including light camouflage to best suit our hunting environment.

Is there a special hunt cost for youth or non-hunters?

Yes, please see the Dates and Rates page for specific rates.

What is the weather like?

Early September to early October can bring highs between 70°F and 80°F, with lows in the 50°F range. October is slightly cooler, with lows between 30°F and 60°F.

Is there a Tourism Rebate Program for sales tax in Manitoba?

No, this program ended in 2018.

Does the lodge have logoed clothing for sale?

Yes, we have quality short-sleeved and long-sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, and other souvenir items for sale.

Can I bring my working dog, and can it stay in my cabin?

Yes, a well-trained working dog is always welcome and can stay with you in your cabin if he or she is kenneled.

Is there AC power for a CPAP machine by the beds in the cabins?

Yes, this is available 12” from your bedside.

Is the water safe to drink at the lodge and in the cabins?

Yes, our tap water is potable and regularly inspected, complying with all provincial regulations.

Do the cabins have towels and linens?

Yes, all of your towels and linens are supplied.

Is there indoor plumbing in the cabins?

Yes, our modern cabins offer indoor plumbing and showers.

Is there a fridge available in the cabins?

Yes, there is a small bar fridge available in each of the cabins.

Is there wifi available in the lodge and cabins?

Yes, wifi is available, and our lodge also houses a satellite television. 

Canadian Resident Licensing

If you’re a Canadian resident, you must purchase a Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit ($17) and the Manitoba Game Bird License ($103.25) online before leaving home. When asked for the nearest town, answer: Ask Paul at paul@birdtailwaterfowl.com . Print and carry it with you when hunting.

Foreign Resident Licensing (United States Resident)

You must purchase and print the Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting HuntingPermit ($17) online before leaving home. As of the 2023 season, new regulations apply. As a result, Paul will purchase your Foreign Resident Migratory Game Bird License ($218.25) on your behalf, and will be ready for you when you arrive. Please remember to fill out the Trip Information Form (insert link) before you arrive so that we have all required information. License costs will be added to your final bill.

Find more information in the Trip Info and License Info video

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