Shotgun Rental Program

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Birdtail Waterfowl understands the potential inconveniences that can come when travelling with personal firearms. Extra baggage charges, lost luggage and inconsistencies in paperwork can add to unnecessary stress. This is why we offer a shotgun rental option. It’s an affordable solution with plenty of value.

After numerous years of trial and error, our chosen rental gun is the Berretta A400 xplor-unico 12-gauge shotgun in Optifade waterfowl. We also offer a 20-gauge model for those who we prefer a smaller gun. All Berretta’s are fitted with kick-off pads and Patternmaster Anaconda choke tubes. The A400 offers dependable performance for all of our waterfowl hunting scenarios. Shotguns can be rented for $65.00 per day.

Is there any paperwork involved when renting a shotgun?

There is no paperwork required for a shotgun rental. Our shotgun rental program aligns with the Direct and “Immediate Supervision” section and sub section of the Canadian Firearms Act. Please see below.

Importing Your Personal Shotgun

If you chose to travel with your firearm, just input your personal and firearm information to the RCMP 5589 / 909 Gun Declaration form, which you need to print three times. Do not sign the copies until you’re in front of a Canada Customs Agent. You are declaring your firearm, so your signature will need to be witnessed by a Canadian Customs Officer.

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