Gearing Up

Being prepared and having the right gear is necessary for a successful and enjoyable waterfowl hunt. Our following recommendations are listed to help you take the guess work on what to pack for your hunt at Birdtail Waterfowl. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Shotguns, Chokes, Shells and Gun Cases

Shotguns, chokes, shells and gun cases are four very important items for your Manitoba waterfowl hunt. For hunting purposes, make sure your shotgun fits you properly, contains a modified/medium range choke, can reliably cycle 2 to 4 boxes of shells each day and is accompanied by a soft case or gun sock during transportation to and from the field. 12-gauge shotguns are the most common, but 20 gauges are also very effective. For cross border transportation, please make sure your shotgun is enclosed in a hard case with TSA approved locks.

Purchasing shotguns shells can be a daunting effort. So many choices! Waterfowl hunting 101: Longer shells and heavier shot do not automatically increase your shooting percentage. Our guide’s top recommendation is a 3-inch shell with number 2 shot. Why? More pellets, solid pattern, they’re not prone to jamming (consistent crimps), and they are way easier on the shoulder. They also work well for ducks, geese and cranes. But a 3-inch shell with BB shot can be a good alternative for late season geese, especially giant Canada’s. 3 ½ inch shells are culprits of jamming guns and inconsistent patterns. Keep it simple, take your time, pick a bird, lead your bird, and make the shot count.

Note: Shotgun shells can be purchased at local sporting goods stores upon your arrival in Winnipeg.

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What to Wear

Light coloured camo outerwear (including hats) is par for the course in these parts. Dark colours tend to stick out “like a sore thumb” among our tan stubble and natural cover. Birds will be on the lookout for dark, out of place silhouettes. Waterproof outerwear, insulating layers, wicking layers, mitts or gloves, and warm rubber boots are key items in your waterfowl kit. Please see the recommended items below.

  • Camo hat and face mask.
  • Waterproof/Gore-Tex camo outer wear (pants/bibs and jacket shell).
  • Insulating vest or light jacket underlayer. Primaloft or down works exceptionally well.
  • Moisture wicking base layers. Short and long sleeve.
  • Warm, comfortable rubber boots (Muck, Bogs and LaCrosse are great choices).
  • Warm mitts, gloves or shooting gloves.
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Blind Bag and Contents

Most of us would be lost without our blind bags. All things important can and should be sealed within. They are a great item to organize and store gear for each hunt. All guides have them, so should you. Please see the recommendations below.

  • A medium to large, semi-waterproof blind bag will do the trick. Make sure there is enough pockets and storage to house your important gear.
  • A good headlamp with extra batteries
  • Shooting glasses or sun glasses
  • Duck, goose and crane calls (we encourage guests to bring their calls). Check out our “Bring Your Calls” video.
  • Bird lanyard or carrying strap
  • 2 to 3 boxes of shotgun shells
  • Gun oil
  • Ear plugs/protection
  • Hunting licenses
  • Personal identification
  • Gun declaration form
  • Hunter Safety/Education card
  • Camera
  • Personal items
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