Canada Duck Hunting Lodges

There is no shortage of Canada duck hunting lodges and outfitters, especially when you’re planning on hunting the Central and Mississippi flyways within the prairie provinces. Exceptional duck hunting should be a given when planning a Canada duck hunting trip, and we are no exception to the “great hunting” expectation. But Canada duck hunting lodges should offer more than just great hunting. The Birdtail Waterfowl experience offers a complete package of great hunting, comfort, and added value. A lot of thought and effort went into the creation of our all-inclusive duck hunting packages, and the amenities, facilities, and layout of our entire property complement our exceptional hunting experience.

Enjoy Our All Inclusive Duck Hunting Packages

The vision of developing the ultimate waterfowl hunting destination, where everything is organized and all the details are taken care of, has always been our priority. From our cozy, have-it-all cabins to our one-of-a-kind change house, our all-inclusive duck hunting packages are nothing short of exceptional. Check out our long list of amenities and facilities and Contact us to book one of our all-inclusive duck hunting packages!

arial view of our Canadain duck hunting lodges.
Arial view of our Canadian duck hunting lodges
Interior of one of our Canadain duck hunting lodges
Living area of our main duck hunting lodge
Exterior of our Canadian duck hunting lodges
Exterior view of our Canadian duck hunting lodges
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