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Maybe Volkswagen’s slogan “Drivers Wanted” must have inspired me to become a waterfowl outfitter because I put on an embarrassing amount of miles every year. 

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Working on the new lodge…

I had to back track to see in the day light what the “gravel” road looked like when I was sideways for miles.. Not fun at 3 am with a trailer full of material…
This trip out to Birdtail land was not full of pleasant experiences.
Starting with my truck having short in the headlight causing it to be a dead frozen chunk of metal…

Satelite dish cable cracked and need to be ripped out and fished back. This whole process only took 7 hours… Only fell off the 6/12 roof into a 3′ snow drift once..

The internet guy put up the radio tower on the lodge a foot out of level. ( Torcherous for the plumb guy )
Then proceeded to get his Ford 250 stuck for 5 hours. Then tow truck got stuck – then Bob Cat got stuck.

Brought our electrician in ( who is a Demi God by the way) to find out the furnace was running at half capacity..

High light of the past 36 hours – was finding out THE best Canadian Tournament fishers and TV hosts are looking to book a late season hunt with us. HOLLY CRAP!!!!!!

This is pretty freaking cool.

I grew up watching these guys fish all over Canada. They are the probably the best role models for young people in the fishing comunity out there.
Their show has always promoted conservation and respect for wildlife way before it became fad like..
True promoters of sport fishing.

Heading to the Amish Comunity soon to pick up the final set of drawings for the new cabins..

Working on the new lodge... 3

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