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Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting has been around for longer than most people realize, dating back to the 1800s. The birds were hunted for food, feathers and down.

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Working hands…..

Well -this pic is probably not for everyone but if your cruising our blog your like us!!!!
Loving this game.

We have plentiful resource right now and we just need to remember “nothing is forever”

There are fantastic not for profit conservation organizations like Ducks Unlimited and Delta Waterfowl who are the real care givers to waterfowl.

Just as of late our provincial government just exposed what has been taking place behind closed doors.

Much like the new mandatory hunter safety requirement bomb for all persons hunting in our province.

This is even bigger than that.
Now we the public are suposably giving the Metis the same hunting privileges as our aboriginals.
Now I have no problem with societal rights – but then why do we have hunting regulations put forth by Manitiba Conservation and Water Stewartship.
We have big game populations at freakishly low levels and some at record highs.
MB CON budgets have been hacked and slashed by our NDP for years and have been dropping great programs that helped wildlife.
So now i just think of all those people that won’t be buying tags to help let us know our hunter numbers and generate revinue.
It’s like all of our goverment wildlife managers are now working for a possible 1/3 of our hunting population.

Oh ya lets close down or restrict the moose hunting to get the moose numbers back!!!

Only places where the numbers are down is where there is road access..

So now we think it’s a good idea to let more people to have no limits or seasons…
We are not letting MB CON do their job – MANAGE!!!!!!!!
Great guys in that office that want to use their skill set.
Looks like the NDP government couldn’t give 2 shits about our wildlife or MB CON.
Can’t imagine that LOL.
Oh to get the pathetic vote!!!!!!

If you have a Metis card and read this please don’t get me wrong – just buy a lisense and play by the regs some of us are given.
You will be able to hunt and fish longer.
So will my kids.
Our government doesn’t hunt or fish.
They are absolutely clueless.

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