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Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting has been around for longer than most people realize, dating back to the 1800s. The birds were hunted for food, feathers and down.

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What to expect



Most of our hunts are in layout blinds overa full body decoy spread. If you are using a standard choke we suggest using BBor #1 steel shot. As a rule we suggest modified chokes.

When using a wad restricting choke like a“Pattern Master” Mid Range which is in our Benelli rental guns we like to seeour clients using BB or #1 steel shot.

Snowand Blue Geese

When we set up our 2200 decoy snow spreadwe are using Birdtail’s white camouflage suites that are provided for you. Mosttimes we are not using blinds for this style of hunt.  With the use of the white suites, Birdtail’scustom ghillie blankets, 2 rotary machines, 24 flyers, and 2 e-callers you’rein for a memory. We have tried many different loads on snows over the years andbelieve in the BB or #1 steel shot when using a full or modified standardchoke. When hunting snows it’s about learning your lead and knowing that theycome down with one or 2 pellets. Pattern Master Chokes are deadly on snows andrecommend #1 or #2 steel shot when using wad restricting choke.

                                                                                           Oh those poor ducks!

We hunt them mostly in dry fields but whenrequested or we just can’t help ourselves we will hunt them in the FamousPotholes. When using a standard choke we recommend modified choke and using #2or #3 steel shot. Just ask your duck guides what choke to use when you’reinformed you’re “going to water”. Improved might be on the menu!

If you are using the wad restricting chokewe suggest using #3 or #4 steel shot.


If you want to try something differentSandhill hunting is for you.

We hunt them either on watering areas or indry fields. We use our layout binds most of the time and concealment is key.They have eyes like you wouldn’t believe, but with extra care for blind brushingyou’re in for a good time.  (Husqvana 4 stroke brush saw helps with thistask) For standard chokes we be believe a full choke with BB or #1 steelshot is good. When you using a wad restricting choke #1 or #2 steel shot willflip em.

These are fun birds and advise you not toattempt to pick up a wounded crane.



“Howmany boxes of shells will I need for a 3 day hunt?”

It hard to say because we all havedifferent wing shooting skills, generally it’s a box every hunt.

I can really only speak for myself, and Iknow I love to pull the trigger, especially on those snow geese.

A 3 day hunt
generally would be 7 boxes.

If you have shells remaining after the tripis over, we will store them for you until next year’s hunt. With the cost ofextra weight on the airlines it tends not to pay to bring them home.

Birdtail Waterfowl has an ammunition supplyat the lodge just in case the birds are winning!   

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