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What Arrival Day Looks Like


When traveling to a new city or even a new country there’s always a ton unknowns that are in the back of our minds. So we made this short video to help ease the stress when traveling to come hunt with us.  The video is fairly simple and so is the day.

When booking a flight for your arrival day it is best to try and arrive before 3:30 pm because we pick up our guests at the Hilton Suites Inn by the airport at 4:30 pm. Once collecting your baggage and clearing customs go to the front doors of the airport and use the hotel shuttle phone. The Hilton shuttle will take you to the Hilton which is a 2 minute drive from the airport. Once at the Hilton go to reception and let them know your with Birdtail Waterfowl, they will take your luggage and shotgun and put them in a locked storage room.

This allows you to head over to the lounge for a cocktail and a bite to eat while you wait for our 4:30 pm scheduled pick up. From the Hilton we will makes stops along the way to the lodge purchasing licenses / shells and any alcoholic beverages you may like after the day is over.

When booking your departure flight try to book it for after 5:30 pm on your scheduled departure day. We will hunt the morning hunt and be back at the lodge in time to pack, final payment and lunch. We need to be wheels up by noon to give us enough time to get you to the airport by 4:00 pm. This is a man maker of a day so be prepared the night before. We hunt 7 days a week so if we are late leaving the lodge our next set of guests are waiting and that’s not cool..

If you have any questions please feel free to call or even txt me, this time of year I am is high gear scouting and prepping the lodge for our season. Email replies are not as speedy as a simple txt.. Paul 1 204 294 2694

We’re in for one hell of a season everyone!




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