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Waterfowl Season Update

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27500 rounds for the 2021 waterfowl season available at the lodge
Paul here, so things are looking pretty darn good in comparison to a few months ago, vaccination rates are up in Canada, which means we’re seeing more green lights. In Manitoba, there are pretty much zero restrictions put in place by either the Provincial or Federal governments, other than you need to be fully vaccinated to do basically anything enjoyable or fun. 
This brilliant update video is about how we’re going to handle crossing the US / Canada border for all our US guests. We have chosen Minot to be our arrival and departure airport for 2021 and possibly beyond depending on how things roll. Flying into Winnipeg has too many failure variables tied to it, so PLEASE if you’re coming from the US fly to Minot. Our prearranged shuttle service (fancy, no but hey) will pick you up from the airport and take you to the border where we will be waiting. Or if President Biden allows some pretty awesome vaccinated Canadians to drive into the US, we the staff will do the full airport to lodge tour ourselves. Trust me it’s a solid plan, I got it, you just have to get to Minot and remember layovers are for cocktails and I’m still working on the private plane scenario.
As for the Canuks, it’s just like the old days, fly into Winnipeg and we’ll pick you up from the Hilton Suites at 4:30 pm (see Arrival Day
Now for all who have not had the opportunity to reserve a hunt with us, we do have some openings due to personal decisions made regarding the vaccine. If you are vaccinated and want to see Canada probably at its best. now is the time. Please reply back or send a txt to 1 204 294 2694.
Birds like us.
Update Video August 20th, 2021
Global News Winnipeg interviews Paul Conchatre about the Aug 9th 2021 Canadian border opening to vaccinated travelers.
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