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Just resurfacing from one of the hardest decisions this family has ever had to make, Frances left us just a few days ago. She was

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UNREAL ice fishing for trout with Gropo under the ICE

For the last few days Ryan Suffron and I were at the new lodge doing some work.
Being die hard fisherman and loving the hard water fishery, we had to go out to our lakes for some rainbows and browns before work.
I have never seen anything like this – with the water being clear and only in 8’ of water it looked like an aquarium. I don’t know how many 30” rainbows we saw.
While having our faces 6” above the holes watching the fish we had a hell of an idea!
Drop the GoProdown the whole and have it facing up at the ice…
As soon as the camera got down one started to peck at the red blinking light. Hmmmmm
Check this video out – nothing fancy but have you ever seen a underwater video of ice fishing?
We’re a couple geniuses…. (I think)
Or probably just weirdo’s (most think)

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