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The Manitoba Duck Factory

Duck hunting with Birdtail Waterfowl

Well, this sure isn’t what we all thought spring of 2020 would look like isn’t it. 

Fortunately Manitoba hasn’t been hit as expected (under 300 cases) and the rest of the world is on the mend. With all the ugliness Covid has shed, life has to go on and those little ducks sure did that this spring. 

Potholes are full of water and we have birds everywhere doing their spring thing. Farmers have pretty much caught up from last Octobers snow storm that stopped the majority of the harvest, and now focused on seeding clean fields. I pray they get a zero rib shot growing season and a smooth harvest, it’s been a few tough ones in a row.

Once again Travel Manitoba and the Hunt Fish team visited with us last fall to capture some of our incredible  duck hunting. Check out this new Travel Manitoba Destination Spotlight filmed at Birdtail Waterfowl Hunting lodge.

Hope this helps..

Stay positive 🙂

Duck season is coming.

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