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The "Clone" flapping decoy


This post is for all the waterfowlers who love to try new gear – this decoy has defiantly caught attention and might be worth a look for your spread..


In our neck of the world we have an abundance of mallards that feed in cereal crops and tend to focus near the snow geese when their flight is in. Almost always we run a full mix spread with Canada decoys as shooter concealment, then a mix snows and ducks in the X. Our thoughts on how to use the Clone in our spreads, is to break up the snow goose decoys from the ducks and have them closer to the shooters, then having the Clone lighting into the center of the snow group. The ducks decoys would be just down wind of the snows with the robo on the furthest down wind edge of the snows – this edge will be the X..

Check out the Clone here

Jim Jones of Sillosocks is a dealer

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