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Snow Geese

Completely white except for black tips on their wings, snow geese are famous for flying in their high altitude long diagonal lines or V-formations and

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Ruffed Grouse

The Ruffed Grouse is a popular upland game bird of medium size and is recognized by it’s brown, gray, white, and black plumage – this

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The world’s most abundant duck species is the mallard and it’s not even a contest. They mainly eat submerged plants while pushing its long neck.

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Goldeneye ducks

The Barrow’s Goldeneye duck is a compact diving duck with a puffy head and short thick bill. It’s forehead is extremely steep and sometimes extends

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Testing the Turkey Waters

My daughters first turkey hunt.

Cease the opportunity right!

So school is canceled and sports are suspended, what now? Well, I enrolled my kids into the Dad’s Academy (lodge clean up) and Outdoors 101. The Outdoors 101 seems to be the favored course for some reason. 

Honestly we will remember this Covid  deal for generations, but my goal is to be ultra positive and try and erase the sadness of not seeing friends and missing a chunk of their youth with some eye opener experiences.  Can’t say I have ever had a bad day guiding, but teaching / guiding my kids to golden memories is defiantly a pinnacle point in my career.. 

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