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Stillwater Fly Fishing for Alpine Country Outfitters


This past week I had the opportunity to guide for Alpine Country Outfitters up in the famous Duck Mountains of Manitoba. Ryan Suffron owner and operator of ACO runs a streamline business catering to the most experienced fly fisherman to the absolute newbe. Typically with the low inconstant pressure systems we had and inches of rain the trout  fishing should have been off, but using Ryan’s reverse drift tactic we turned it into a absolute trout clinic for our guests who had not even seen a fly rod before. It was very much about having the right gear in the boat to be able to adapt to different water columns the fish were using -floating, intermediate, sink tip, full sink lines we all pulled out.  It was truly amazing to watch the brooks and browns race into shoreline structure then in 10 minutes go suspend in 30′ of water. Using a damsel fly as the point fly and a doc spratley as the dropper we could do no wrong when paying attention to the movement patterns. The fellow i had in my boat kept telling me that he thought fly fishing was much more complicated than it he’s experiencing. He is kind of right to a point, fly fishing is a art with out a limiting cap to the degree you want to attain. I can’t say enough about this unique fishery we have here in Manitoba – we are blessed..     #flyfishingManitoba

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