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September 24th, opening day for waterfowl in Manitoba


Nothing says death on the prairies like September 24th, opening day for waterfowl in Manitoba is something else. Warm weather and waterfowl everywhere pretty much sums it up, plus hot barrels.

Almost all of the ducks are far from plumed but are very willing to work over the Mojo Ducks, the geese are still in small family groups and  very patterned on their fields.  When scouting September fields you are looking for moderate numbers in pea fields usually and making sure they are traveling a distance to get to the field. Very often you can a fail hunt due to the birds roosting in the potholes in your field of choice…

When you hear feeding and wary clucks after you turn the truck off you know it’s going to be a luck hunt. The most important part of scouting September birds is to have multiple fields and try to put more than one to bed.. To bed is a term we use when we watch the birds leave the field at last light and follow them to their roost.. A good scenario is when the birds travel over 2 miles from roost to field..


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