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Maybe Volkswagen’s slogan “Drivers Wanted” must have inspired me to become a waterfowl outfitter because I put on an embarrassing amount of miles every year. 

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SCI Reno 2013

The Largest hunter gathering in the world starts tomorrow morning in Reno Nevada. The Safari Club International is THE finest and by far the largest hunter based organization in world. The SCI is dedicated to protect our rights to hunt. Without them we would be lost.

There are segments of our hunting community that takes for granted the ease of just going hunting. That EASE did not come without dedicated hunters that chose to be leaders rather than followers. There are more individuals that want to stop hunting (wildlife management) than there are hunters. The writing is on the wall that we need to be active in educating the value of wildlife management and the industry the management creates.

Here is a list of organizations Birdtail Waterfowl Inc. has donated over $25,000 in the last 5 years to:

· Ducks Unlimited

· Delta Waterfowl

· Manitoba Wildlife Federation

· Coastal Conservation

· Hunter and Angler Preservation Fund

· Varmint Hunters Association

· Stop Shark Finning Fund

· Safari Club International


Birdtail Waterfowl Inc is a resource based business and i feel if you utilize a resource you must put something back.

If you hunt you must support an organization.


The Manitoba lodges and Outfitters Associationand Travel Manitoba has put together a “Manitoba Grand Slam” package together to be auctioned this Thursday night in support of the SCI.

The hunts were donated by some amazing Manitoba Outfitters that understand the value of the SCI

The package consists of 5 species – Moose, Caribou, Whitetail, Black Bear and Waterfowl.

I am here at the SCI convention in Reno to represent the MLOA.

The MLOA attended the International Round Table Meeting. This Meeting was the only one of its kind in the world.

Issues were brought up from all over the world and it was scary to listen to the issues with all our governments and how similar they all are. We need a worldwide hunting coalition with active passionate people involved. We the operators must engage in Social Media provide many more landing areas for hunting and game management supporters. We can talk all we want to the ones we know will listen but until we get active on our own via social media we are just singing to the choir.



By the way…..


This is the coolest place I have ever seen!


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