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Paul’s March Update

Birdtail Waterfowl March conditions

With the new website launch under our belt it’s now time to start on the rest of the wheel house.

Outfitting for waterfowl in Manitoba is about being prepared for all weather conditions and being able to adapt to the migration flavor of the year. Equipment can be a frantically depreciating investment if it can’t hold up to the punishment we deliver. How do we decide? Word of mouth. I always go to my fellow outfitters and get the honest review and go from there. 

This year we will be replacing our Canada Goose decoys with DOA Decoys again (that’s a big kudos). We have been running DOA’s for the past 5 years and not an issue – flawless product. Running a commercial waterfowl operation by definition means equipment gets used and abused. DOA will get round two by Birdtail.

If DOA made a lesser version of the Rouge Series we would be all over them, but no such luck, so we will be testing the waters with some Avian X Lessers this year. Defiantly heard mixed reviews but it’s time to find out.   

Here’s a some big news!

Mr. Joe Brewer, a traditional working decoy carver who we have just recently met and starting to work with. Joe is carving us a whole flotilla of diver decoys for our new found love of Diver Hunting.

Diver duck hunting in the Potholes of Manitoba is something that reminds me of that second string player that goes unnoticed by all but could possibly be the game changer. I think we found this out in our 2018 diver season, yup game changer.

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