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Snow Geese

Completely white except for black tips on their wings, snow geese are famous for flying in their high altitude long diagonal lines or V-formations and

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Ruffed Grouse

The Ruffed Grouse is a popular upland game bird of medium size and is recognized by it’s brown, gray, white, and black plumage – this

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The world’s most abundant duck species is the mallard and it’s not even a contest. They mainly eat submerged plants while pushing its long neck.

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Goldeneye ducks

The Barrow’s Goldeneye duck is a compact diving duck with a puffy head and short thick bill. It’s forehead is extremely steep and sometimes extends

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Now This Is Interesting!

Made for waterfowlers

Maybe Volkswagen’s slogan “Drivers Wanted” must have inspired me to become a waterfowl outfitter because I put on an embarrassing amount of miles every year.  Quality truck time is important and with that there’s the necessities, drinks, snacks, dog, boots off and some Spotify. Although my wife keeps telling me to dig into the Podcast world but with acting president of the Manitoba Lodges and Outfitters Association I’m info’ed right out.

Just a couple days ago good friend of mine Barry Good of Dirty Lake Outfitters here in Manitoba was able to convert me, sorry Cath.

Very cool stuff and not fluffy.

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End Of The Line Podcast


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