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Next level waterfowl – Thank you Canada Customs Agents

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Life is pretty damn sweet as of late, with massive numbers of birds and we just started our 5th group of the season! BLISS.
I can’t thank everyone enough who trail-blazed the new world of travel that really isn’t all that complicated we’re finding out – just new. Dot your i’s and cross your t’s and a glimmer of normal is attainable.
Canada Customs has been one of our best allies in the past week, with zero bad days, and happy to see everyone coming through. Most emphasis has been on the gun declaration forms which is standard procedure when crossing. Arrive Canada app is a breeze, the only thing the agents are looking for is the number that the app produces, that’s it. Simple stuff.
One of the fellows that just came up gave me a tip on a type of test that is approved by the Canadian Federal government that Walgreens has available. It’s a NAAT which stands for a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test and has a 2-hour turn around. The whole party got the NAAT test and had smooth sailing north.
I was also told that you can expedite a PCR test for about $250 which insurance will cover the cost.
That’s all I have to report – I could go on about the birds but let the photos in the video do the talking. Honestly, we’re just having a blast building memories and loving life again.
Thank you to all who made the trip this year, you’re our Pandemic Pioneers!
Solid as they come.
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