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New Diver Duck Hunting Opportunity Manitoba 


There’s one phrase we live and die by and it’s “Taking You To The Limits”. You can take it in the literal sense or you can see it the way we see it. Maximizing all opportunities to get us under the mecca hunt of a lifetime.

I see our area like fishing a lake with world-class fish in it where you could just go fishing, but why would you do that when you should be fishing for the world record. Here at birdtail waterfowl we outfit in an area that has world-class hunting and we hunt for that world-class hunt of lifetime every day. We have high expectations of ourselves and high expectations of our area but year after year we seem to meet all expectations, firstly our guests and our selves.

2017 marks for a new chapter in our hunting opportunities.  Diver duck hunting is something that is unique and should be done properly. We have invested in new layout boats with shallow Drive Motors to access a new area that has given us that world-class diver Duck Hunt to show off. 

If you are a hardcore diver duck hunter this will blow your mind or if you’re new to diver hunting this will get you hooked. The only question you have to ask before going on this hunt is whether you brought enough shells.. No joke.

We take Pride in our work to provide you with The Hunt of a lifetime in a world-class area and we feel this hunt is all of that.

This Hunt is no extra charge on the package cost, this just us having a lot of fun together.

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