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Embracing the Wild

Manitoba’s fall hunting season is an incredible display of nature’s transformation. This area comes alive with colour as the leaves change and the temperatures drop.

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January 2022 Covid Update with an announcement

Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting
Well, we asked for snow, and let me tell you we’re getting it non-stop. Pretty much any depression on the landscape is now level and the bush in some spots has close to 15′ treetop drifts.
We’re in our second year of drought and the volume of snow that has accumulated so far puts us right on track for getting caught up. The potholes and marshes froze at the lowest levels I’ve seen since the late ’80s. We could have a solid hatch this spring if this keeps up. Trust me duck numbers are noticeably down and I tell you now is the time to hunt the concentrated corridors.
I know we’re all tired of talking about this but I feel the need to keep the dialog going on in regards to covid and travel. Canada is a bizarre place when it comes to economics but as you know we are a socialistic society. With that economics and logical decisions often get thrown to the wind. The Canadian economy is suffering and will suffer for a while, countries like Canada truly depend on the Tourism dollar.
Last week I attended a Tourism Recovery webinar and the Feds were stabbing at 2026 for a 2019 level. Why has Canada taken a harder line at covid than most? Social healthcare, we limp on the best of days and when you add a pandemic, it’s like wet fish on the hot concrete, you panic.
Although our Federal Government has been chased enough by the Provinces to back off on the restrictions and get to the mindset we’re going to be living with covid for some time. Its recovery time. The PCR tests are not the go-to test as much as they were just a few months ago. Now it’s all about an at-home rapid test, if you’re positive you do not have to report it, just stay home until you feel better. Bit more civil if you ask me.
How are we going to handle travel for the 2022 season? What is the target airport? The answer is I don’t know yet. We have 5 months of not having to make a decision and feel we should hold tight to see what happens.
The best-case scenario that I can “logically” wish for is no testing and I honestly can’t see the fully vaccinated requirement getting thrown out anytime soon.
Last fall we had the majority of our guests fly into border towns on the US side so we could drive you across the border. The rationale was to avoid the outgoing PCR test that the airlines required. There’s no time in our schedule for outgoing tests nor did we want the risk of the error percentage. Our plan worked well and if we need to follow it again we will.
 Long of the short, hold tight.
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