Mallards and Pintails

Mallards and Pintails

If there was a guided duck hunting experience that reliably impresses our extended list of die hard waterfowlers, it would be our field hunts for mallards and pintails. This is really Manitoba duck hunting at its finest. Our entire outfitting territory is littered with a supreme combination of water and forage, offering migrating ducks a Valhalla of comfort, security, and a limitless food supply. Whether it’s on early season peas, mid season barley, or late season corn, we consistently encounter the replenishments of a northerly push, which can often reveal boundless swarms of unschooled dabbling ducks.  Our field hunts for mallards and pintails are a magnet for those looking to witness the unimaginable, and it can all be seen from the comfortable confines of a willow blind or Ghillie blanket.  If timing is on your side, a flight of over 10,000 birds could likely become reality. Our field hunting phenomenon can be an open door for mallards from mid September to early November with prominent numbers of pintails usually in the area until early October.

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Mallards & Pintails Hunt Details

Mallards & Pintails Season & Limits

  • Resident and Non-Resident (Canadian): September 1st to December 6th
  • Foreign Resident (US Citizen / International): September 24th to December 6th
  • Duck limits are 8 daily and 24 in possession.
  • Mallard & Pintail hunts are available in the morning or afternoon.
  • We hunt mallards & pintails from mid-September until early November (pintails are usually around until early October).
  • Legal shooting times are ½ hour before sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.

Hunt Departure

  • Guests will meet their guide at the change house.
  • Morning departures can be from 4:15 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. Afternoon departures can be from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Departure times will vary based on season and travel times. Guides will confirm departure times before each hunt.

Hunt Logistics & Set-Up

  • Guests are transported to and from the field in crew cab trucks with enclosed trailers.
  • Hunting groups are 4 to 5 guests with one guide for the morning hunt and one guide for the afternoon hunt.
  • Hunts take place in pre-scouted fields (wheat, barley, oats, corn or peas).
  • Full body, mallard decoys (mixed with goose decoys) and mobile blinds with natural cover are used.
  • We do not use coffin style layout blinds.
  • Guests help with decoy and blind set-up.
  • Guides manage the hunt and call the shots.
  • Morning hunts will usually conclude around 11:00 a.m., afternoon hunts will conclude prior to sunset.

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