The Ducks

Do we have the best duck hunting in Canada? This is a common question that really isn’t ours to answer, but similar accolades are often voiced by veteran waterfowlers who visit Birdtail Waterfowl every season. Plain and simple, our Manitoba duck hunting areas are renowned throughout the North American flyways. We are located within Manitoba’s famous Prairie Pothole Region, offering everything needed to create and sustain a duck hunting dreamland. Our croplands, potholes and marshes consistently thrive with a variety of sought after duck species from early September to early November. Combine those essential features with a team of “old hand” waterfowl hunting guides who have a serious knack for finding those mind-blowing flights, and you have the best of all worlds. Our duck hunting opportunities are nothing less than extraordinary.

Diver Hunting

Bluebills, canvasbacks, buffleheads, common and Barrow’s goldeneye, rig-necked and redheads all frequent our primary marshes, offering some excellent duck hunting opportunities during early September and late October/early November. Learn more…

Mallards and Pintails

If there was a guided duck hunting experience that reliably impresses our extended list of die hard waterfowlers, it would be our field hunts for mallards and pintails. Learn more…

Multi Species Hunt

We scout locations which have several different species of birds. You never know what you are going to get on a Multi Species Hunt. Learn more…

Pothole Hunting

“So many productive potholes, so little time.” This is a quote that accurately explains our Manitoba pothole duck hunting opportunities, but it also speaks to the considerable time it takes to find that favorable pothole hunt. Learn more…

Birdtail Waterfowl

New Diver Duck Hunting Opportunity Manitoba 

There’s one phrase we live and die by and it’s “Taking You To The Limits”. You can take it in the literal sense or you can see it the way we see it. Maximizing all opportunities to get us under …

Hunting Equipment

Four Rivers Layout Boats and PPF Mud Motor review

For you who are looking to get into a smallish layout boat with a mud motor I would seriously consider this combination. We purchased 5 of the Four Rivers Layout Boat’s Mini’s a few years back that are the bomb! …

Birdtail Waterfowl

Manitoba spring and summer conditions report

Is Manitoba going to produce big numbers? In the fall of 2016 we received a record setting amount of rain which definitely helped the spring water levels of the potholes, which in turned made for some prime nesting habitat. The …

Manitoba, Canada

September 24th, opening day for waterfowl in Manitoba

Nothing says death on the prairies like September 24th, opening day for waterfowl in Manitoba is something else. Warm weather and waterfowl everywhere pretty much sums it up, plus hot barrels. Almost all of the ducks are far from plumed but …

Birdtail Waterfowl

The Decisions of a World Class Waterfowl Hunt. 

  (Estimated field 15,000 ducks)  Do we put two of three parties on the hunt? Hell yes!  Do we send our videographer Jay Siemens on the hunt? Absolutely. Do we need quads? No hump it in. (wet fields) Set up on the …

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