What We Hunt

What We Hunt

Puddle ducks, diving ducks, lesser Canada geese, greater Canada geese, Ross’s geese, snow geese, and Sandhill cranes. Need we say more?

The Birdtail Waterfowl product represents a healthy diversity of Manitoba waterfowl hunting opportunities.  We are very fortunate to operate in an environment that offers so much to so many, with every waterfowl hunting season seemingly setting a new standard in relation to migration volume, mixed flights, and even unexpected species appearances. Our melting pot of multi-species migrants, rich habitat, and nature’s mysteries consistently create variety at its best. It’s never the same old, same old.

More common than not, daily scouting and hunting scenarios present our customers with options of choice. A mixed bag of geese in the morning and ducks in the afternoon is standard. A combination of mallards and lesser Canada geese in the morning and pintails, widgeon, and snow geese in the afternoon can also be par for the course. You could also see a steady pattern of Sandhill cranes and giant Canada geese in a morning field hunt, with an exclusive option for mallards on an afternoon pothole. Late season could ultimately bring one hunt per day, offering that epic diver hunt on a half-frozen marsh that won’t let us navigate until late afternoon.

Weather, forage, seasonality, migration patterns, and scouting efforts will often set the stage for what we hunt, but we will always do our best to mold each hunt around guest requests and preferences. Regardless of the hands that are dealt, we adapt to all situations.

Paul Conchâtre Manitoba Hunter and Outfitter
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Paul Conchatre

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Alternatively, please feel free to contact Paul at birdtailwaterfowl@gmail.com