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Maybe Volkswagen’s slogan “Drivers Wanted” must have inspired me to become a waterfowl outfitter because I put on an embarrassing amount of miles every year. 

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DOA Decoys


So here we are post season trying to find the areas where we can improve. Always lots of ideas and suggestions which we will address everyone of them.
Our new lodge was a great success and but it’s is our nucleus so it has to be perfect.
It’s like building a race car..
To win you need perfect.

One of our biggest issues that we have and had for a while that we have all known about is our decoys.  Ya we have been running a run of the mill decoy and made them work but they do NOT represent our quality.
Avery Decoys or Green Head Gear company is one of my LEAST desired businesses to deal with.  WHY?
1000% not our model of service or product.
It’s the middle finger you get if you ever call them when your decoys are in pieces or a pile of flaked paint new in the box.
So what we did last year (while building a new lodge)  (crazy)  was do a test run on a new decoy company called DOA Decoys.
We have 10 guides working in the fall and are Manitoba’s pros hands down..  So to do a real gear test we have the guys to do it…
It’s not a test where fun of the hunt is involved – it’s pride of our scouting.

Our DOA Decoys were used hard.  Actually beat up with intentions of abuse.
They are the bomb.
How about this for a test – hit one with your truck.  It’s ridiculous – push the sides back out and put it back in the spread.

It’s a big investment for us and my guides would have my head if I bought more garbage.
It has been on the front and center of changes for 2014 for us. 

Yesterday one of the owners called me to get feed back on thier DOA Decoys.
This is what our industry needs.. 
They are doing what you or I would do – build it and back it.
Make it perfect because that’s what I want when I spend my $$$$$$$$.

They are priced well and built like no one else has attempted.


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