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Border Update Well, things are changing for the better, and soon we will be cruising the gravel roads looking for those world hunts again. It’s not

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Pintail ducks can usually be identified by shape alone – thin bills that curve up to a round head, long neck, slender body, and a

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Sandhill Cranes

A tall, gray bird, the Sandhill Crane prefers open grasslands, meadows, and wetlands and congregates in huge numbers in migration. They do not hunt in

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Snow Geese

Completely white except for black tips on their wings, snow geese are famous for flying in their high altitude long diagonal lines or V-formations and

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“Case Hunt Gem”

Case hunt gem.

We say it like this, The Causeway…………….

One of those special places on earth where you can cut you teeth on waterfowling or challenge the experienced. Hunting the Causeway is fast shooting with full mixed bag from dry land, it’s been known to average 75 rounds per limit or better / worst. Hunting ducks from the is causeway typically done from the second week in September to the second week in October. Our goal when hunting the causeway is to beat our record of 11 different species of ducks. Excellent Canvasback location.

Check out the video of Paul Conchatre showing what the casueway looks like and how to hunt ducks on it.

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Paul Conchâtre Manitoba Hunter and Outfitter
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Paul Conchatre

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