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The bufflehead duck is a small sea duck, with its name derived from Ancient Greek for it’s oddly bulbous head shape of the species. They

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Waterfowl hunting dog
Birdtail Waterfowl

Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting has been around for longer than most people realize, dating back to the 1800s. The birds were hunted for food, feathers and down.

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Birdtail Waterfowl

2020 ShotKam Review

The ShotKam Camera is probably one of the most valued purchases we have made in a long while, this tool is INCREDIBLE.. I have to

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Birdtail Waterfowl

“Case Hunt Gem”

We say it like this, The Causeway……………. One of those special places on earth where you can cut you teeth on waterfowling or challenge the

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