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Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfowl hunting has been around for longer than most people realize, dating back to the 1800s. The birds were hunted for food, feathers and down.

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Birdtail Waterfowl's Review Of Wildear Hearing Boosters


The guiding world is by far the one and only heaven on earth for the absolute die hard sportsman who just can’t seem to get enough of Mother Nature and her curve balls. Waterfowl guiding in Manitoba is about making each day invested the best day ever had, we chase the “memory burner” the blockbuster hunt.. But there’s a price to pay when you push yourself to the limits every day and most days are longer 20 hours for over 10 weeks. Chasing the migration is all about stress and abuse of your body from torn ligaments, broken fingers, frost bite, broken bones, blown backs and of course miles of stitches, but the one that hurts the most is the hearing loss.
For me 2015 was time to admit, yes that i’m 40 and it’s time to get hearing aids. Brutal.   From wound up 2 stokes to short reed goose calls, my hearing has taken a pounding for years, and of course the pre / post season season work with chains saws, skill saws and every other kind of loud tool out there, not good.
There are times when hearing protection can be worn but most times you just can’t afford not to hear your pitch and tone of your call or not being able to communicate with you guests while constantly being on the move, it’s very much a double edged sword for sure.

Technology has defiantly made it’s leaps and bounds when it comes to hearing protection, but for me it’s a little too late. So I have the hearing aids now and there’re megh, but the big move was using Wildears this fall.  Wildears are custom molded ear protection with sound reduction and enhancement for hunting situations, the sound reduction is achieved within 3 milliseconds when the sound is over 90 decibels, it’s nuts!  Now when I go to the field I can hear the birds before I see them, I know my pitch and tone but the biggest is when a half a box of shells go off in 4 seconds it’s a calming silence… Waterfowl hunting is a social sport which entails working hard together and banking those precious moments everyone dreamed of together. You want to be a part of the woohoo moments and need to hear the strategy coming from party members when the hunt needs to be tweaked. You need your hearing.

We are a commercial hunting operation who shoots thousands of birds a year which means that our two thumbs up is real. Wildears get a 10/10 for a review of quality and durability, but the sad part is my hearing aids cost 4 times as much.
Highly recommended if you waterfowl hunt – buy them because hearing aids suck at 40.

Wildear Master Series

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