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Birdtail Waterfowl now has a Simms Wader program


Delta Airlines and United Airlines love waterfowl hunters for all their gear and especially waders.. Being a traveling hunter you do your best not to give you credit card a stress test while checking in, but it’s near impossible for some trips.. After the horrible tragedy of  911 the airlines are now required to hold more fuel on board to meet more alternative routes for emergency reasons, this caused payloads to be lighter. The new regulation has been a bit of a game changer for our traveling guests. Our Beretta A400 shotgun rental program was quickly developed to meet the needs of our hunters. The only mistake i made when we first started the program was purchasing 14  Benelli’s Super Black Eagles and Benelli Vinci for some hard use. Great guns, but not suited for our conditions and shooting positions. We are currently using  Beretta A400 12 gauges and Beretta A400 20 gauges which have exceeded our expectations. That’s all old news, but the big news is we have another program  to help lighten your load so you don’t get bumped to last flight.

Waders are a real sore spot for all of us excluding the airlines. ($$$) No one wants to pack them because of the weight and my sore spot  is having to buy $$$ disposable neoprene waders each year  for loaners because of those rotten beavers cutting those willows like hypodermic needles.. For years I have worn Simms breathable waders for guiding fly fishing / waterfowl and have never had my day ruined by flood or from being played out from the material.

I think most shy away from breathable waders for waterfowling because of the zero R factor..  In my opinion this is the biggest plus to the breathable wader because it gives you options on your layering. Your choice to wear just a wicking layer underneath or jam them full of Primaloft and still not feel like your wearing your grandfathers rain jacket during a marathon.  So for 2015 season we will be offering a Simms G3 wader with a Freestone wader boot for our rental program for all of our guests. The cost of this beautiful set up is just $25 for your entire trip with us.. Whether you use them every hunt or you never put them on it’s still $25 for your entire trip. It’s a service and a thank you for coming with us. We have all sizes for all sizes.  Layering is the key to happiness..


We expect an excellent result but a review of the Simms G3 wader will be posted at the end of 2015
We expect an excellent result but a review of the Simms G3 wader will be posted at the end of 2015

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