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REVIEW OF DOA DECOYS by Birdtail Waterfowl hunting outfitter


With great excitement we are very proud to announce that we have started to make the switch from Avery decoys.  Last season (2013) we bought 6 dozen DOA Decoys for a wear and tear testing.

Our DOA decoys were used twice daily under commercial pressures in the Pothole Region of Manitoba.. We put two dozen in each of our 3 working trailers to get a well rounded feel for the durability.
The bodies held up like champions with very little wear to the flocking. We did not bag them or hang them in the trailers. Usually they were put on top of the Avery duck bags / goose bags / blinds or whatever.
We put on about 15000 kilometres per trailer a year with lots of bumping and grinding down gravel roads..
The bases were a bit of a concern at first.  The welds were too light which led to break downs.  With one call we were sent new bases for all the decoys with no charge – no receipt needed and no shipping costs. It’s what should have been done and was done by DOA. Perfect.
The bases have since been redesigned.
Very impressed over all.

You have to understand our short review on DOA Decoys is that we are a crew of guys trying not to just “limit out”  all our clients, but we are trying to get the “Holly shit man that was unreal” kinda hunt.
To get that there’s many factors involved and one is equipment. Nothing worse than pulling out garbage when you need quality…

How could DOA improve?
Hard to say but if there were more poses that would be good but knowing that the company is new and Rome was not build over night – they will come with time.

DOA is a new decoy company that is striving to meet our (the waterfowlers) high standards when it comes to the product and customer service.  I have been on the phone with one of the owners of the company fairly often regarding our option on the decoys. As far as I can see it Birdtail should be on board just for the fact DOA is reaching out to the user – WE like that.
We’re in..


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