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Birdtail Waterfowl Inc. and Avery Decoys


Here’s some interesting facts for waterfowl outfitters and the die hards.
We all know the outfitter is the ultimate gear tester.
Day in and day out use means abuse.
The sport of waterfowling is not cheap and if you want to play you have to pay.
Gear is not cheap.

So Birdtail Waterfowl Inc. runs a full Avery ( Greenhead Gear ) spread. Great looking decoys!

Let’s say you own 10’s of thousands of $$$$$ worth of decoys to produce what you promised. World class hunts.
Here’s the problem – Avery couldn’t give 2 ….. about the consumer.

Big problem…

I once had the contents of a trailer stolen and had to replace it all at once.
Great test for quality control.
20% of the decoys were defective coming out of the box.
The head to body locking system of the decoy would fail.
The head would strip or the body would crack.
This is not cool when you’ve paid top dollar for plastic.
So i did what everyone in their right mind would do – call Avery.
This was an experience.
What I was told after 20 + calls and no call backs was litteraly ” too bad” “So sad”
Learning now that because I’m a comercial operator I / WE get no warranty. Even if the decoys never made it 2 feet from the box they came from.
Avery could care less about the operators. You would think Avery would bend a little when the decoys never saw the field and were garbage bound.
Not cool in my books.

If I could find a decoy and a company that made sence for the comercial game I would toss Avery in a heart beat.
Since all my decoys are fixed via 1 1/4″ drywall screws in the neck to the body all is good.
You look like a bit of a chump.

So just a week ago I bought a whole spread of snows and blues.
Guess what – same issues.

Beware operators, Avery is a horrible company to work with.
Die hards – get the Avery decals off your trailers and support the small guy.

As an outfitter I am selling a service and a product. I promise our best and deliver our best.
To deliver a promise is not hard when you believe in your best.
Why can’t Avery stand behind their product?
Because they can’t deliver what they promised, a quality product.

Man does that feel better!

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