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Embracing the Wild

Manitoba’s fall hunting season is an incredible display of nature’s transformation. This area comes alive with colour as the leaves change and the temperatures drop.

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Birdtail Waterfowl and Dave Smith Decoys

As of 202s hunting season Birdtail Waterfowl will be running Dave Smith Decoys
Just recently my Visa and I made a brow sweating decision to switch from DOA Decoys to DSD.
DOA Decoys are a phenomenal decoy that’s pretty much indestructible but the paint on our last batch turned nasty which may be because of new ownership cost-cutting or DOA got dorked by the Chinese, who knows. We found our birds were snubbing the DOA’s at long distances and if there was any bit of moisture in the air they turned to mirrors, see ya. 
Now if you have not heard about Dave Smith Decoys ask a friend and take the shaming. They are like the Ferrari’s of the decoy world, nothing compares to a DSD. To note we ain’t buying this revolution of silhouettes and bag decoys.
With our style of hunting and the region we hunt, high-volume spreads are not needed and can be an absolute detriment to success. We are in the true Pothole Region that doesn’t have miles of drained/cleared blad prairie-like to the west of us. Any hunter knows that the hunt comes down to concealment and Manitoba’s Pothole Region has ample that. Birds have become wise to spread sizes – bigger isn’t better anymore – it’s all about the *performance* baby! When you have good hide and a spread of Ferrari’s we will get more wins. That’s ROI we’re all looking for.
Each trailer will have a combination of 8 dozen DSD Giants and Honkers, plus a few dozen DSD Snows / Juvys / Blues. 
Birdtail was started from scratch by a guy on a mission that just barely had enough money for gas and rubber waders never mind a call.
For over a decade I was a full-time guide traveling all over Canada working for some of the finest grass-root operators Canada has to offer. While growing Birdtail I always kept the guest lens on and guide code never left me, those two aspects are who we are today.
We have grown to be one of Canada’s top waterfowl destinations because I wanted something I would expect when traveling to a world-class resource.
On so many levels I’m extremely proud to announce Birdtail will be providing guided waterfowl hunts in CANADA over Dave Smith Decoys. 
Like come on – this is going to be sick.
Paul Conchâtre Manitoba Hunter and Outfitter
Birdtail Waterfowl Inc.

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