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Birdtail Hunt / Scout Report October 7th 2020

Wigeons are in.
Recent duck hunts have been in typical Birdtail fashion, consistent flights and moderate numbers. Field duck hunts have been flights of 3-60 ducks and 30-40 volleys per hunt. We have tested a few new areas that have produced well, but do not have a handle on the pattern of feeder roosts yet. The ducks are still hitting the peas which tells us we have warm weather ahead of us, so the numbers should be consistent for a while which gives us time.
We have not hunted geese a lot yet but are trafficing them during our duck hunts.
The geese are everywhere and do not need our attention yet, too many around to draw conclusions on flights, we need some to leave. 
We’ve put a big effort on Cranes this past week and a bit, we’re trying to stay out of Crane Land but falling short of good huntable spots. We took a wide radius from the center of Crane Land and worked the periphery. We now know why Crane Land is so good. 
Our conclusion is it comes down to this unique geography that seems to tailored for Sandhill Cranes, outside of Crane Land is short of water and cover. 
Expanding our Crane area is not in the cards and now we’re focusing within Crane Land to record as many roosts as time permits with our mapping layering software. This intel will be extremely valuable in the future.
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