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Beretta A400 Unico Xplor Shotgun Review 2015


Always a great topic for discussion is the review of modern semi auto waterfowl shotguns. Birdtail Waterfowl offers something that not many others have chosen to do and that is to rent reliable shotguns as a service to the traveling hunter.. The key word is “reliable” and that is not an easy bar to meet when quality control these days seems to be an option with so many companies out there, the decoy industry as a prime example..  Our shotgun rental program is a bold move as far as responsibility goes, but when you have the proven shotgun as your “faithful” risk is eliminated.

The Beretta A400 has taken technology to a whole new level with their famous gas recoil reduction, gas exhaust valve and then the oh so incredible “gas piston” that crushes carbon and  unspent powder so it can be released through the gas valve to make it the cleanest gas gun on the market. The icing on the cake would have to be the suspension like “Kick off” that in my understanding completes the ultimate clean running fast cycling shoulder protecting waterfowl machine.. We can take a A400 that has shot twice daily day in and day out in all conditions and twist in a skeet choke and run 2 3/4 skeet loads without cleaning it and not see a fail. It’s the real life scenarios we test with and the A400 never complains.. We do run them dry but with only one drop of oil on the rails.

Here’s a testament to Beretta having exemplary quality control’s – we just recently purchased a Beretta A400 Action in 20 gauge with KO and a shot counter.. When i opened the case and saw the counter (which is a digital) it read 22. So the company had shot the gun 22 times before boxing it and putting it on the market.. What else could you ask for in a company and a gun

Sorry Inertia we tried  you and you couldn’t keep up in our world.


Birdtail Waterfowl uses the Beretta A400 commercially.
Birdtail Waterfowl uses the Beretta A400 commercially.

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