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Maybe Volkswagen’s slogan “Drivers Wanted” must have inspired me to become a waterfowl outfitter because I put on an embarrassing amount of miles every year. 

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Benelli Super Black Eagle vs Beretta A400 Xplor


 As we say in the guiding world..

 The meaning of “well?” —– is trying to find out how your pursuit went.
The pursuit could be anything from a scouting mission to a hunt – stuck truck – unwrapping deer from your front end – a 4am return trip from Winnipeg chasing Delta or United bumped luggage to last RJ flight (bastards) – fixing a broken hitch assemblies … Blaa Blaa Blaa but on I could go..

Here is the biggest “well?” I have come across.



What gives with their shit….

 If you want to know which is better – I don’t know as of right now but I will soon. 

But what I do know is that I owned 12 Benelli’s – yes that is a lot. So it’s not as if we are the Benelli users who go out to the marsh and hammer a few ducks on the odd weekend. We need them to work all the time.

Could you imagine if you were coming up to hunt with us and you have chosen to use one of our Benelli’s and the famed SBEII doesn’t fire or cycle.. Watch our 2012 YouTube videos – it was painful editing and watching the horror show of epic hunts and single shot guns. We would clean the guns after every hunt to ensure we were doing our best but it was the gun that was failing.    

Most of our hunts are premier events and when we get under the flights like we do – we need our shooters shooting. That’s not hard to figure out now is it.

We have seen thousands of Benelli shotguns over the years and there has been unsuccessful eras and successful eras. When the SBE first came out we feared them knowing that half of the guns will not operate. Then over the years they started to get better and better. Then the SBEII came out – yup better.


SBEII is changing.

There is different grades or you could say grade of SBEII parts –  ya your thinking what da hell  – true dude. Turkish parts that are stamped Benelli but don’t really work within the Benelli frame. Simply Perfect – Bull Shit is what I say. This is why there are some home run SBEII and absolute crap. Ask your buddies who have issues with the their SBEII to pull it apart and compare it to a good one. Don’t have to be an engineer to see the differences.

·        Frame weight

·        Rail wear

·        Bolt not fitting true in the rails.

 The biggest issue we saw with the SBEII and the Vinci was that their INERTIA DRIVEN SYSTEM absolutely does not work consistently in our conditions.

Our conditions range from clay mud – marsh slop – dry crushed gravel road dust – top soil dust storms – sand – freezing rain – and of course snow. Not all that uncommon of conditions.

 Benelli SBEII  and Vinci will work ok if you shoulder the gun tight to give the spring in the stock a firm back stop to recoil against. BUT if you get into the block buster hunt and you have 25,000 mallards over you and you wig out and can’t pick a bird and flock shoot. Odds are you not barring down and being one with your gun. The gun will not shouldered.

Add some environmental debris to gun and it’s lights out.

Another case we see ALL the time is when a shooter has a hard time coming up to shoot out of a layout blind. Most come up ¾ of the way – that gun is almost guaranteed not to be even close to your shoulder. When there is air space – that spring inertia is given up to the dead air space. This is how you end up with a single shot.

 Clean shooting gun but not Perfect…

Hate to say it but gas is needed.

 So for our expectations of a tool to shoot birds the Benelli failed big time.

(Remember this is not a Ford or Chevy contest – it’s about a failing gun)

Stoeger did do their best by replacing springs – cleaning – test firing.
Thank you for your efforts.

I have sold all the Benelli’s off and on to the next.


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