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Embracing the Wild

Manitoba’s fall hunting season is an incredible display of nature’s transformation. This area comes alive with colour as the leaves change and the temperatures drop.

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2020 ShotKam Review

Best trailing tool for waterfowl hunters'
The ShotKam Camera is probably one of the most valued purchases we have made in a long while, this tool is INCREDIBLE..
I have to admit I have had many barrel cameras over the years and the ShotKam is by far the highest quality barrel camera we have used. As an outfitter our role is to get limits on the ground and we often say “it was a limit hunt without the limit” which means the shooting was sub par.
What we do for our guests is add the ShotKam to one of our guests’ shotguns and review the footage after the hunt. The beauty of this is once we have watched the footage of the hunt we head out to the skeet range on the Birdtail property and work the shots that caused problems.
All the information on the ShotKam is on the website so check it out. What we are saying is that it is legit and a hell of a tool to improve your waterfowl experience – you want to hit, so find out why you’re missing. It is probably more intended for skeet/trap but those are controlled settings where a hunting scenario is completely not. When the adrenalin fires up and you bare down on a flock of 100 Sandhill Cranes or flights of 500 Mallards you tend to come unglued, so what does it look like when you do? That’s why you buy a ShotKam.
High grade and flawless 1080p at 100 frames per second 1/3 speed clips equal lessons.

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