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Just resurfacing from one of the hardest decisions this family has ever had to make, Frances left us just a few days ago. She was

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2016 Rainfall Record of 344mm


Our local October rainfall record was set in 1959 and measured in at 110 mm, defiantly a challenging amount of rain to deal with during harvest.  BUT 2016 absolutely crushed the the old record and we made some history that we as duck guides and the farmers never want to remember… This past season we totaled 344 mm of nicely distributed rain over a course of 31 days and it took it’s toll on all the Birdtail staff in many ways. The fields turned into rivers and the approaches turned into traps, but if it wasn’t raining it was soup fog for the guys to try and scout in, every day was a man maker. I’m so proud of my team for not breaking and keeping it together through out the entire season, biggest challenge was to keep positive and drive on to seek out a world class hunt for every group. My boys are strong but now we are stronger and have that “season” to remember forever. #team

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