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Maybe Volkswagen’s slogan “Drivers Wanted” must have inspired me to become a waterfowl outfitter because I put on an embarrassing amount of miles every year. 

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Enclosed trailers

Enclosed trailers….
Outfitting waterfowl in Manitoba means you and your gear have to be mobile.
I have been running enclosed trailers for 17 years up and down gravel roads and have learned what works and what doesn’t.
Let’s start with what doesn’t:
Spring axels – why?
When your approaching railway tracks in the dark and the summer rains has taken their toll on the gravel by dropping the road height,your trailer axels will get hammered by the rails. Wash board at intersections,cultivated fields, field approaches, I could go on and on. It’s a rough life for a trailer that’s meant for asphalt roads. It’s the popping of the trailer on every bump that bends the leaf spring axels. Drive behind your buddies trailer on gravel and watch the 2” – 3” jumping. It’s a KILLER over time.   
Steel Frames – Why?
No matter how many times the salesman tells you the frame is coated with a “bullet proof protective product” and it will hold up to gravel. He is not wrong – he just doesn’t know a waterfowler’s life of chasing birds. If you want to have a rusty old pile of trailer in 2 seasons buy a steel frame trailer. Here in Canada gas is over $4.55 a gallon as well. Why haul steel around.
Flat nose – Why?
Not too much to get into here – gas hogs, rocks reboundingto wreck your tailgate and not making full use of frame.
Barn doors – why?
Just think of the hinge placement and the weight of the doors. All you’re going to get is a stretched out hinges and a trailer full of dust. Nothing worse than trying to hunt birds with decoys that are covered in dust.Do not buy barn doors.
Bias Ply Tire – why?
(Not a chance will I ever be caught with a set)
Bias Ply eat fuel. They consists of multiple rubber plies over lapping each other. (less flexible and sensitive to over heating) Stiffer tire which will pound your axels more. All sidewall flex is transmitted to the tread which then deforms the footprint of the tire. (Bumps kill these tires)
What works for waterfowl hunting:
Torsion axels – why?
  • Indepentent wheel suspension
  • Self-damping action
  • Cushioning eliminates metal-to-metal contact
  • Less transfer of road shock helps protect your equipment
  • Heat-treated solid steel inner bar
  • forged torsion arm for maximum strength
 Aluminum Frame – Why?
·       DO NOT rust.
·       The manufacture we use provides a 10 year warranty on frames from cracking.
·       Great on fuel.
·       Easy on your truck transmission.
V nose – why?
·       Deflects rocks to the side not back at yourtailgate or back window.
·       Fuel efficient.
·       Completely utilizes the frame your carrying.
Ramp Door – why?
·       Hinges are at the bottom utilizing gravity.
·       They will not stretch out.
·       Drive in.
·       Wind will not grab the door and cold cock your hunting partner or even worse dent your trailer!
Radials – why?
·       Radial tire has an independent sidewall to tread,which allows the two to function independently.  
·       Less fuel
·       Less ground compaction and damage.
·       Tires last way longer.
I used to put skirts on the trucks and found out that they create more dust and rock lift. Skirts are great for highways not gravel. We would burn through a” Rock Guard” skirt in 3 weeks ($200)
Hope this helps with your next purchase for your hunting trailer.
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